Why Pets Need an Annual Wellness Exam

Why Pets Need an Annual Wellness Exam

Why Pets Need an Annual Wellness Exam

Why Pets Need an Annual Wellness Exam

Why Pets Need an Annual Wellness Exam


Why Pets Need an Annual Wellness Exam

Pets cannot talk — thus, they cannot tell you when they are feeling sick. It can be very difficult to know that your pet needs medical attention. Most animals will go to great lengths to hide an illness or injury. 


In most cases, your pet is already very sick by the time you notice symptoms. The best way to ensure that your pet is healthy is through regular checkups. An annual wellness exam will ensure that you stay on top of your pet’s health needs.


Your Pet Can Live Longer


Annual wellness exams help allow your pet to live a long and healthy life. Just because your pet looks fine does not mean that they are. Some illnesses are quite hidden, only manifesting in the final stages of the disease. 


Taking your pet to the vet only when you can see the injury can mean that the disease is already far progressed. Annual wellness exams are necessary for ensuring that your pet is free from disease. This can help your pet live longer.


Monitoring Health Issues


Annual pet wellness exams are vital for monitoring health issues. If your pet has a certain health condition, regular visits to the vet will help ensure that the condition is under control. Managing the condition will keep it from becoming worse and potentially causing death. 


The visits can uncover underlying issues that may have been missed. Your vet can determine whether treatment is working or if changes are required. With proper care and supervision, your pet can enjoy a healthier life.


Pets Age and Change Fast


It is a sad fact that pets age much faster than humans. This means that your pet can go from puppy to middle age in a few years. In a year between wellness exams, your pet will have aged between five to ten years in comparable human time. 


Many changes can occur in that one year. Your pet’s health condition can change drastically in a few months. As pets get older, veterinary visits become even more essential and should be more frequent.


Benefits of Routine Physicals


An annual wellness exam is an opportunity for your pet to get a physical examination. The vet can look for signs of obesity and offer nutritional advice. Gradual weight gain can be easy to miss, yet it can harm the pet’s overall health. 


Another benefit of the exams is early disease detection. Uncovering issues before they get worse is very important. During the exam, the vet can check for heartworm disease and provide medication where necessary.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure


The goal of a wellness exam is to detect diseases early or prevent diseases from developing. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in preventable diseases among pets even as visits to the vet decline. Preventive care is essential and can help save the life of your pet. Ensuring that your pet receives preventive care can prevent health problems in the future.


During the wellness exam, you can talk to your veterinarian about any behavioral issues your pet may be exhibiting. You can get information that will help improve your pet’s health and quality of life. 


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