Top Foods to Keep Pets Away From This Holiday Season

Top Foods to Keep Pets Away From This Holiday Season

Top Foods to Keep Pets Away From This Holiday Season

Top Foods to Keep Pets Away From This Holiday Season

Top Foods to Keep Pets Away From This Holiday Season


Top Foods to Keep Pets Away From This Holiday Season

The holiday season comes with many foodstuffs that are usually rare for other days. While it is an exciting time for all of the family, it can be quite a dangerous time for your pets. Although pets can eat most of the food humans eat, others pose a danger to your pet. It is essential to be aware of these foods and proactively keep them away from your pet.


Fatty, Rich Foods


Foods high in fat and oils can be challenging for your pet to digest. Gravy, chicken skin, and turkey skin have high-fat content. When your pet eats any of these, you may notice they will vomit or have diarrhea. Also, fat-rich foods can result in inflammation of your pet’s pancreas, which is crucial in digestion.




When you cook bones, they lose some of their natural strength and firmness and become brittle. It is natural to want to feed your dog bones, but cooked bones may be dangerous for your dog.


When your dog breaks the bones as it chews, some splinters may become lodged in its throat. Some shards may also travel down the digestive tract and cause damage. It is best to talk to your veterinary to know which ones are safe to feed your dog.


Garlic and Onion


All foods closely related to the onion family have compounds harmful to the red blood cells of cats and dogs. The compounds in these foods affect the health of the red blood cells in your pet. A small quantity of these foods will lead to gastrointestinal discomfort. Specific amounts of garlic are okay, but researchers are still unsure of the safe amount.



One of the most famous toxic foods for pets is chocolate. It has been featured in several movies as a dangerous food for your pet. Despite all the awareness, chocolate is still one of the most common causes of dog poisoning.

Chocolate is harmful to your pet because it contains caffeine and other unique compounds that are harmful to your pet’s body. Consuming a small amount can cause a dog to have diarrhea or vomit. A large amount may lead to seizures or arrhythmias. If your pet consumes chocolate, contact your vet immediately.



Alcohol seems like an obvious no for all pets, and it is rare to find a pet owner giving their pet alcohol. But during the festivities, you may leave alcoholic beverages unguarded. Holiday drinks are often sweet; your pet could find one and gulp it all down.

Also, some holiday foods may contain alcohol, such as rum-soaked fruitcakes. Ensure that such meals and foods are not left unguarded.


Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins are less known than chocolate and alcohol as toxic to pets. Researchers do not know what compounds in grapes and raisins cause the side effects in pets. When your dog ingests them, it can go into kidney failure. The initial symptoms of ingesting the grapes are hyperactivity and vomiting. Ensure that your pet has no access to baked goods containing grapes or raisins.

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