Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips


Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is a festive time to spend with the family, including the fur babies. It is great to involve your pets in celebration in the home. Most of the time, they enjoy hanging out with us when we are having fun and respond to the energy around them.

However, pets do not always understand what is going on. It would be best to be careful when you involve them in festivities like Halloween. You must ensure they are always safe and do not get themselves in trouble.


So, what are some safety tips to put in place for Halloween? Why are these tips important? Read on to learn more.




One of the main things about Halloween is the abundance of candies and other sweet goodies. While these are a treat for your kids and yourself, they can be deadly for your pet. One of the most commonly known dangers for pets is chocolate treats. It is so harmful to pets that they usually do not make it when they ingest it. If you find out early enough, you can induce vomiting. 

Another danger is sweets and candy that contain the sweetener xylitol. A small 3 grams of it can kill a 65-pound dog. With sugarless candies becoming more popular, this compound is more common today than before.



If you go trick-or-treating with your pet, you must ensure they are securely tied to a leash. The number of people outside can be overwhelming for your pet. Your pet needs to be on a leash if they run off because of something scary or become too anxious. Ensure the leash is close enough to pull them in if you notice they are not okay.



Before you put your pet in a costume, you must ensure they enjoy it. Although costumes look good, they may not be suitable for your pet. Your pet may feel anxious about having something foreign on them. It is best to try out the costume days before the night. It will help your pet adjust to wearing it. It is also best to gauge how your pet may react to other costumes.



Another danger for pets is Halloween decorations. Not all decorations are dangerous; only some of them. Some decorations with fire, like jack-o-lanterns, are among the most dangerous to leave lying around. Your pet can easily knock it down and start a fire. They are also in danger of getting burns if they play close to the candles. Pumpkins, although not toxic, can cause stomach upsets if your pet nibbles on them.


Leash Indoors 

Sometimes, your pet can get excited when trick-or-treaters come to the door. It is best to be prepared for anything, so ensure they always have a leash on them. You do not want your pet to run away or be aggressive towards kids because they are frightened themselves.


Hype May Cause Stress

Even though pets love to feel like they are involved in the family, sometimes, all the hype of Halloween can be overwhelming. If you notice your pet is overwhelmed, consider putting it in a quiet place. Ensure they have their favorite toys with them to keep them distracted.


For more Halloween pet safety tips, contact Bergen County Veterinary Center at our office in Waldwick, New Jersey. Call 201-205-2500 to book an appointment today.