Pet Microchipping in Waldwick, NJ

Pet microchipping is an increasingly common practice that increases the likelihood that missing or stolen animals can be reunited with their owner. The process is very simple. A microchip the size of a grain of rice is inserted into your pet’s body. This microchip remains inactive until an RFID scanner is passed over it, which causes the chip to relay a unique reference number to the scanner. The reference number relates to a database registration containing the contact information of the owner that registered to the pet to the microchipping service.

Most veterinary practices and animal shelters have access to these scanners and can check lost animals for microchips. Studies have shown that pets that are microchipped are several times more likely to be successfully reunited with their owner. In the regrettable case that a pet is found having already passed away, or in need of medical attention and doesn’t survive, some owners take comfort in receiving closure and being able to mourn the passing of their pet. Recovering their beloved animal also enables them to bury or cremate them as they wish.

Isn’t a collar and tag sufficient identification anymore?

A collar and tag are still a very valuable form of identification. After all, if your pet becomes lost in your neighborhood whoever finds him will just be able to give you a call without needing to take him to a vet or shelter to get scanned. However, collars and tags aren’t infallible. They can snag on things and come off, or even be removed if someone so wished. Microchips are placed permanently into your pet’s body and cannot be tampered with nor fall out, making them far more reliable.

Does microchipping hurt my pet?

Any loving owner worries about their pet being hurt. Fortunately, the chip used in pet microchipping is so small that it can be implanted very quickly without hurting any more than a routine vaccination. No anesthetic is required and by the time your pet realizes what has happened, it will be over, and he will quickly be soothed by some love and affection from his favorite human!

Are my personal details safe?

Understandably, many people are concerned about identity theft. This can make even the most conscientious owner reluctant to share their personal information with anyone, including a microchip provider. However, rest assured that when you choose to microchip your pet, your details will be extremely safe.

As we know, the microchip itself only contains a reference number which links to your personal information. However, only an authorized user can access the database to access your details in order to contact you. Microchipping companies pride themselves on the safety and security of their customers’ private information and invest heavily in the latest cybersecurity and robust protocols to ensure that the information you share with them is completely safe.

Is microchipping expensive?

Microchipping is an inexpensive process that only needs to be carried out once. Most veterinarians charge around $45-$50 and this normally includes registration in the relevant pet recovery database. It is important to note that subsequent charges may be made if you need to change your contact details on the registration database. It is important that you remember to do this if you move home or change your contact number as otherwise, you will not be able to be contacted if your lost pet is recovered.

If you would like to learn more about pet microchipping, or if you would like to arrange an appointment to get your pet microchipped by our friendly and reassuring veterinary staff, please get in contact with us at our veterinary offices in Waldwick, NJ today.